Optimal health with the proper nutrients

Beyuna has been created to help people with healthy living. We provide high-quality products that motivate people to take more responsibility for a healthy life. Feeling healthy means that you, as a human being, can function in a state of physical and mental well-being for yourself and society.

Being healthy is an essential aspect that adds value to our society. It is the personal goal of Beyuna founders Paul Gebbink and Lucas IJsbrandy to develop the best products in the global market of nutritional supplements based on proper scientific insights.

More than 30 years of experience with nutritional supplements

Beyuna is based on more than 30 years experience in nutritional supplements with high-quality ingredients. We continue to develop and improve our products by regularly gaining new insight from international scientific research. We want to separate the chaff from the grain in the market of nutritional supplements. The international market deserves better products than most current products.

Why do we have such a clear philosophy? As average consumers, we really don’t know what healthy food is. Nutritional research hardly leads to unambiguous and consumer-friendly advice. So far, we still have to learn a lot about the influence of nutrition on our bodies.

Systematic overloading of our body

In essence, nutritional science is very complicated. It's about tens of thousands of combinations of nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber) that are encapsulated in various foods.
It is clear that there are too few micronutrients present in our current food. We systematically overload our own body with the wrong food. We go by taste and volume, but do not look at the actual nutritional content. Food ingredients may contain drug residues or other chemical compounds such as agricultural poisons or plastic residues. These enter the food chain, which is one of the worst developments of the current food industry.

We want a clearer view on health and supplements. Hunger is not a choice, being overweight often is. The essence of good supplements is that they must be well-absorbed by the body. In contrast to most products on the market, Beyuna does not use any ingredients of which the DNA structure is genetically modified.

Founder Paul Gebbink of Beyuna has more than 30 years of experience developing dietary supplements. His experience and knowledge is the foundation of why Beyuna chooses products with nutrients that are recognizable to the body. It is all about the proper addition of the best supplements in terms of optimal values and absorption capacity to our daily diet. The composition of the proper ingredients in our products is aligned towards this principle.

Clear principles for international research

We have clear principles for our product development. Through the optimal testing of products in collaboration with international raw materials suppliers, we now know that the use of supplements containing the body’s own substances leads to the best results.

We know the dangers of the human body having a lack of vital building blocks. But what are the optimal levels of micro-nutrients your body should have? Reality is that we, as consumers, have levels of these building blocks that are much too low. Unfortunately, this is underestimated by almost all regular health authorities.

Orthomolecular medicine

We base our nutritional principles on the doctrine of orthomolecular medicine. This concept focuses specifically on digesting nutrients which the body can use and process without any negative side-effect.

Our goal is to create increased social awareness about healthy eating through the concept of orthomolecular medicine. The challenge we now face as a humanity is to change the current food policy.

Paul Gebbink, founder Beyuna