Testimonial: Denise

Hi everyone, my name is Denise Verrips. I am 22 years old, and I live in Goes, The Netherlands. After my Social Work education, I started working in forced youth care. After working in this sector for several years, I noticed in both my physical and mental health that I was not doing well. The extreme workload and the resulting chronic stress took its toll. At the time, I experienced little support or opportunities from my work to improve the situation. I decided to take care of my own health. So, I quit my job and my friend Milou de Vos quickly made me aware of the possibilities of supplements. I, who had never taken supplements and was even a little anti, decided to give it a shot. Soon I noticed that my energy started to come back, and I felt like myself again.

In recent years, I have also been actively involved in investing and 'putting my money to work'. It was therefore not surprising that I asked Milou after my positive experience with the supplements: "Is it possible to invest in that Beyuna company?" Milou then told me about the business opportunity and invited me to the opportunity meeting in Amsterdam. That morning I got to meet several fantastic people and at the end I couldn't help but say: “I would be crazy if I don't do anything with this”. The following Monday I started as Jupiter.

I am now part of a fantastic team with only nice people. The trust, integrity, willingness, and cooperation are the aspects that make me feel completely at home in this team.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!