Testimonial Erica

Just at that well-known crossroads in my life, I was asked to take a look at a new business.

Because with a man who regularly spent months abroad for work and my youngest at the age of one year old, I wanted something different for myself. Cynthia (Hermans) knew that!

With my Japanese background, the choice quickly became a career in business, continue to grow and getting more and more responsibilities. Whether that was fun? Certainly! But did I want that forever? And how to combine with a family? I am happy that I was open to looking at various business models and I am grateful that Beyuna gave me the opportunity to travel and work with people from various backgrounds, whom I choose myself. And what a cool team I have already put together in a short time! Not only in the Netherlands, but also in the United Kingdom, Phuket, Dubai ... and more to come.

I founded the Lifestyle Business Club with more than 9,500 businesswomen and I see how many entrepreneurs are looking for a plan B. What I have been able to realize so far by building something for now and for the future, ensures that I can also offer this with a lot of passion to those who, like me, are at that crossroads in their lives."