Testimonial Gerianne

My name is Gerianne Dijkstra. I am almost 27 and I live with my 2 cats in Berlikum, a small village in Friesland, The Netherlands. I've worked for The Dutch Ministry of Defence in the past, but this didn't resonate with me as a person. I got a severe burnout and also struggled with addiction problems. I sought help for this and ended up in a clinic in South Africa. This moment has been a turning point in my life!

So I started doing Yin Yoga. The opportunity arose to emigrate to Spain, I started a B&B with a friend. A dream came true! And then came Corona, because of the situation I was forced to go back to the Netherlands after three months. Once settled again, I decided to continue in Yin Yoga and Yin massage so that I could open my own practice with the aim of making people more aware of body and mind. October 2020, I officially started my own company and in December I had to close due to the lockdown. You could call it setback after setback. I prefer to call it: life that sends me in a different direction!

I got into conversation with a friend of mine who told me about Beyuna. This was an opportunity to realize extra income and the fact that the products are completely natural was very appealing to me. My first experience was a live stream of the Paul Gebbink day. Wow! That man could tell it all beautifully, I was very skeptical BUT also triggered. The following week I went to a live presentation at Klaas and Epke, an interesting story, but I was still skeptical. Until I got Beyuna Probiotics sampled. As a child I already had intestinal complaints and I never expected that this could ever change. After four days I had results! Since then I have been symptom free!

Now I knew for sure, I want to do something with this. I had no money but within two days I had raised the €250 and started as Earth. In four days I worked through the E-Learning and set my goals: to become Mercury in two months and Jupiter in 6 months. I became Mercury the first month and 7 months later I achieved the Jupiter position by finding business partners to work with! In these months I have learned so much about nutrition and supplements and I have grown enormously in my personal development.

What I want to make clear with my story, it doesn't matter where you come from and no matter your situation, everyone can start with Beyuna and become successful!

Why Beyuna now has a place in my heart!?

  • I have a grip on my health and my environment.

  • The ability to give people a chance of freedom, physically and financially.

  • Financial freedom, autonomy, never again dependent on, for example, the government.

  • Gigantic growth in my personal development.

  • In the future I can combine travel and work.

  • Inheritable, leaving something that is of real value to you.

  • The network, I would pay €250 just to be part of this fantastic club of people!!

“Desining a world where people come first”