Testimonial Harvey & Diana

We are Harvey and Diana Esajas, we live in Diemen and we are both employed by large multinationals. We are the founders/directors of the non-profit foundation I-Sport Special. We organize sports and play activities for children with a disability. We also guide early school leavers back to school and/or the labor market. In short, we teach vulnerable target groups how to become self-reliant.

When corona broke out, our activities were forced to stop and we found out that we were actually not that self-reliant. At that moment Marcel tapped us on the shoulder with a business opportunity. We got to know Lucas, Paul and Els and there was an immediate click, personal but also businesslike. Beyuna's vision and mission are equal to our standards and values when it comes to ethical and corporate social responsibility. Paul explained Beyuna's proven successful earnings model where we can generate money with in a different way to finance our projects, fill our retirement gap and also contribute to the study costs of our grandchildren.

We were allowed to try the nutritional supplements for free for a month. We have experienced an energy boost and have now lost the extra corona kilos. We still use all products on a daily basis and don't want to live without it anymore!

Network marketing is a trade that we have not learned. From Beyuna we receive training and guidance from successful independent sales representatives. They teach us how to build a successful hereditary, international company without the need for seed capital, stock, IT professionals and packers.

Armed with a mood board, elevator pitch and a business plan, we approach everyone who is open to a business opportunity that encourages good. Good health and a bank account that makes you happy.

2021: If you believe it, you can achieve it. Next year we will build a corona-proof company with like-minded people who think in terms of possibilities and are open to a different way of earning money with a product that contributes to good health.