Testimonial Leo and Vivien

We would like to introduce ourselves. As a freelancer and now a self-employed entrepreneur as a restorer of classic cars, I, Leo, have noticed how difficult it is to have something left after all expenses are paid, let alone build a pension. When Paul Gebbink brought one of his cars to me for repairs, we started talking and for the first time, I heard about Beyuna. Paul always said confidently to me, "Your pension? That can be arranged." This remark from Paul made me curious about what he meant exactly with that comment.

Paul also gave me samples, which introduced me to Beyuna's products and their high quality. After taking them, I started noticing a difference in myself. I began feeling increasingly fit. I also attended an evening where the company presentation was given and that's when I became enthusiastic about Beyuna.

Paul also gave me, Vivien, samples of Beyuna. I had used supplements before, but since I didn't notice any effects, I was initially skeptical. However, because Leo was so enthusiastic about Beyuna's products, I decided to give them a try. And I started noticing that these products actually worked! My health has greatly improved. This piqued my interest, and I also attended a company presentation. There I learned that it is possible to create a healthier lifestyle and have a healthier wallet as well.

What really appeals to us is that we can make a positive contribution to people's health through Beyuna's high-quality products. Additionally, being able to work towards an inheritable pension has led us to start our business with great enthusiasm. It's amazing that Beyuna offers us the opportunity to start a business for a relatively low cost. Typically, when starting a new venture, you have to incur significant expenses, but that's not the case here.

Since then, after distributing samples, we have been able to sell products and sign up two people as distributors—one older person and one younger individual. It's such a rewarding experience to inspire others to be enthusiastic about Beyuna! Working with colleagues who have also started their businesses with Beyuna and participating in the Beyuna Academy excites us and helps us further expand our business. Learning from and with each other is incredible!

What we want to achieve with Beyuna is to reach more and more people with Beyuna's fantastic mission. We want to ensure that more and more people can become acquainted with Beyuna and improve in various areas. When it comes to our pension, we don't want to rely on others but take control ourselves. We also have a vision for young people because the youth is the future! Especially if they start their own business with Beyuna, they can continue to develop and utilize their skills to achieve a financially healthy situation. So, it doesn't matter if you're young or old when starting your business with Beyuna. How amazing is it that both the young and old can lay a strong foundation for their future! We would love to contribute our part to that!