Testimonial Loïs

My name is Loïs Ramselaar. I have a background in the advertising world. A few years ago, due to my health, I decided to make a change and pursued a training program to become a lifestyle and vitality coach. Currently, I work as a lifestyle and burnout coach from my vitality studio in Amersfoort. I also provide vitality training to companies.

During my training, I came across Beyuna. My health was vulnerable at that time, and I had a range of symptoms that conventional medicine couldn't explain. I had been searching for a diagnosis for years. After taking a "Know What You Eat" course, I was shocked. I thought I was doing well, but in reality, I was overloading my body. My goal was to minimize the burden on my body and become healthy and energetic again!

Through alternative healthcare, I eventually received a Lyme disease diagnosis. I started my treatments and also began using Beyuna products. Initially, I joined Beyuna to make the products more affordable for myself. I quickly noticed positive effects and eventually saw great results. I realized that I wanted to offer this opportunity to others as well. When I saw the earning model, I didn't have to think for long. In the past, due to my health, I had to take extended sick leaves and lost my job. I saw my income almost halve, and this got me thinking. I had always gone for safety, but I realized that a job in employment is not as secure as it seems. I never wanted to end up on welfare again.

I have now been a distributor for almost two years, actively for the past year. By becoming a member of the academy and working well with colleagues, my organization is taking shape, and my customer base is growing. My goal is to achieve the highest discount rate in the short term (I'm almost there!) and build up an additional income as quickly as possible. I see it as my mission to guide others towards a healthy lifestyle and actively contribute to financial independence for more people.

The more I am involved with Beyuna, the more enthusiastic I become. I want to share this mission with others.

Currently, I am pursuing training to become a breath coach, and my ambition is to combine this knowledge with dietary supplements. I also have the urge to work location-independently. Before my health problems, I did a lot of backpacking. Who knows what the future holds. For now, I'm keeping everything open.

Finally, I want to emphasize how grateful I am for the Beyuna network. It has helped me tremendously, and I am thankful to everyone every day!