Testimonial Marianne

My name is Marianne Coumou. With my many years of work experience in paid employment as a secretary and former owner of a fish delicatessen, I was in dire need of a change. Wanted more freedom, more independence. Whenever I was in the office or in the store when the weather was nice, I thought: “I want to leave, I want to go outside”!

And then network marketing came our way. At first, I wasn't really that keen to come and listen. Done anyway... I thought it was super exciting, from the very first presentation! I have no idea HOW I was going to do it, but I did know THAT I was going to do it! It soon became clear that I was going to pick this up. My husband Gert-Jan would continue to work, and I would start Beyuna, initially part-time. We moved into the Jupiter position quickly, as I quickly saw that that would yield the most returns once it started running. I was especially interested in the business part, in other words the business. I believed those products. I wanted to earn more and different income.

What first started with a mission and a vision, has now been realized: I earn a continuous (royalty) income.

Job eventually terminated. Delightful! Now we are more than 7 years later, and I can only say that it has brought us a lot. We have been able to do special things (incentives), and we have built a large organization in the meantime. My goals of being able to use the products, to become an interior caretaker and to replace my income have been amply met! I also find a piece of personal growth and development extremely valuable. I now dare to do things that I never thought possible. There is always training and support, even when things are not going well.

I have unfortunately been hit twice by a hereditary form of breast cancer. That shapes you whether you like it or not. What first started with a mission and a vision, has now been realized: I earn a continuous (royalty) income. This means that I also have an income even if I am not doing well. That is so incredibly valuable! I can organize my time and energy; I really experience that as freedom! My health is also doing well. My latest blood test shows that I have excellent blood values and that reassures you. Super products that everyone should really want to use and a passive ongoing income. A nice team to work with. I experience it every time as something to be grateful for. And so I am!