Testimonial Rayme & Andrea

My name is Rayme Myers, my wife and I, Andrea Myers, had been looking for a CBD product since early 2017 that would help relieve some of the daily pain I experience from a sacrum issue and at the same time, based on its new release, have a viable product to help market.
After literally trying every CBD we could locate locally, we gave up based on the fact that none of the products worked. We were pretty disappointed after putting so much hope and research in, not to mention lots of money.

Andrea had been seeing a local doctor, Dr Frye, who I decided to go see in November of 2017 for testosterone therapy. My second visit we discussed my pain issues as well, and the doc had just returned from Holland and he told me about a CBD he picked up. The Amsterdam portion intrigued me but honestly I was less than enthusiastic based on the lack of results Andrea and I experienced from the other products.

A couple of days of taking the product and I began feeling more relaxed and my pain began to subside. After about a week I noticed I was taking less of my prescription medication. Andrea and I knew we had a product that should be brought to market and not knowing Beyuna was a multi level marketing company, she and I began putting together a marketing plan to present to the company over a Zoom call. I had asked Dr Frye if there was someone we could visit with in the Netherlands about the product, so he sent Leon a message saying he had a couple that may be interested in buying some CBD, would he and Paul consider visiting with us.
Andrea and I spent the next days preparing. My dad had built an MLM organization of a little over 54,000 strong in the U.S., over about twelve years, so Andrea and I were excited about this opportunity. When we got on the call, we were like little kids in a candy store when we found out that not only was it already a multi level marketing company, but they had a full line of products that were Non-GMO and All-Natural! We jumped on the chance for this ground floor opportunity.

We joined as Jupiter in December of 2017 and have had such an amazing time sharing this company, Paul’s vision, and this terrific line of products to those around us. We decided to travel to The Netherlands and be part of the two day college and also help celebrate the four year anniversary of Beyuna!

"We plan on learning more about the inner workings of this company and being able to return well versed and ready to change our lives!"

In closing, the Beyuna product line has allowed me to not be dependent on prescription medication and has provided Andrea and I a more clear vision on a future of health and wealth. Most importantly, it has provided Us with this gift of being able to share in something so life changing, Together! Andrea’s strength, knowledge and know how will be our guiding light towards changing not only our lives, but changing the lives of an entire nation so desperate for a healthy alternative from genetically modified products!

Thank you, Paul, for your vision and everything you’ve done, and all of you Dutch friends we call family, that have helped us to this point, we love you all!