Testimonial: Renuka

I am Renuka de Kunder, 40 years old and I am very enthusiastic about Beyuna, the products and about the business as well. I have been asked to: describe how I organize everything so well, what my plan is, why I participate, how did I put together such a great team and what moves me?

Since i started Beyuna, my main goals has been to build a large organization, consisting of very consciously beautiful and loving people, with little (read: very little) startup funds to make my life and the lives of others meaningful. Health and connectedness are our keywords. How nice is it to spoil yourself with good, healthy products and be able to earn money with it as well. Money to realize my own unique projects and those of others. Together with and for each other.

Through my actions of setting up activities in the name of love, freedom and autonomy, I came across unique, like-minded people in my surroundings. Together with these people I set up all kinds of things, so that we can get through this exciting, adventurous and unique time and form a close community with each other in the long term, that provides for all necessities in life.

By the end of August 2021, my partner Marco and I, came across Dennis and Lotte. We quickly became enthusiastic about the 100% natural food supplements of Beyuna. Beyuna fitted in seamlessly with our vision of health and especially during these turbulent times, it came on my path at the perfect time. Apparently, that is what I emanated and therefore attracted the right people at the right time. In no time, I organized a warm market and several like-minded people showed up. They quickly became enthusiastic about these high-quality products as well, achieved their results quite fast and almost all of them wanted to become a mercury right away. Furthermore, they wanted to try everything and immediately aim for a nice discount. Almost all of us use all of the products every day, simply because we can, because they work and are good for us. It's lovely to share this with each other. Every meeting is just great fun, because it feels like we are one family.

Beyuna is at the center of my life - good health is not only a priority for me but also for my colleagues and our customers. More and more family members, like-minded people, friends, etc. are becoming enthusiastic about our connection, our experiences and exciting stories. Initially, we had little interest in Beyuna's business model. We actually wanted to move from the 3D world to a 5D world. I have come to the realization that we really need money, so that we are able to realize fun projects and initiatives ourselves, because there is a transition world: the 4D world. The supplements support the self-healing capacity of our body, in other words: they are and addition to the Germanic medicine, which I strongly believe in.

In addition, we want to create our own system and realize that we can make grateful use of the Beyuna system. With the Beyuna revenue model we help the people around us, read: our fellow entrepreneurs. This concerns both the entrepreneurs who have been in this profession for a long time and already transferred a lot of knowledge and experience to us, as well as the people we train ourselves.

To put it in another way: we not only help each other but also help to realize each other's dreams. How cool is that? Since I realized this, I am able to support the revenue model completely as well as propagate it. I realize that my enthusiasm is contagious.

Because we work towards the same kind of goals together, we keep attracting new people and divide them between ourselves, to make everyone happy. We are already an oil slick that is getting bigger and bigger. More and more colleagues are feeling the drive/intrinsic motivation to start building too. We see it as a great adventure in which we build on each other and support each other through the obstacles we encounter. Call it the Tour de Beyuna.

It is really cool, because every time we make one person excited, he or she makes his or her parents or his or her partner excited, causing many people to start using the products. Never in my life have I been so enthusiastic about a multilevel marketing company. Beyuna stands head and shoulders above the rest and people who know me know that I am a very critical person. I embrace Beyuna with open arms, simply because it makes my heart beat faster. I hardly dare to say where I and my team will be in a few years, because Beyuna is our connecting link. Simply because we are all healthy 'be yunas' who work together to realize a beautiful new world. Who wouldn't want to join that?