Testimonial Roelineke

I am Roelineke de Jong-Meester, married to Fokke and together we have two boys of 18 and almost 16 years old. We live in Joure, in the North of The Netherlands with a beauty salon and B&B at home. Twenty years ago I started my own company: Skin Care Roelineke. I love being able to care for and improve someone's skin, and offer him or her a moment of relaxation. Our B&B can of course also make a combination of staying overnight and begin pampered with a treatment in the beautician's chair. Or maybe you opt for a body massage with or without aromatic oils or you can relax in the sauna. It's all possible.

With the closure of the salon due to corona measures and also while looking for new things, Belkis came my way last year. We share the same passion, which is the skin. As a result, we quickly came across Beyuna Flx, which contains collagen, among other things. A pure product without additives.

After a number of pleasant coffee moments I knew: I'm starting my own company within Beyuna. Because let's face it, how nice is it to take care of the customer from the outside as well as from the inside!

In addition, another source of income besides the salon and using my body less physical (I have yet to find the balance in this, but that will come), have been two absolute reasons to start.

Since taking supplements from Beyuna I am much fitter, happier and tidier from the inside. It's really great and I wish for everyone. My future goal will therefore look like this: find a good balance between working in the salon and the Beyuna business. A great collaboration with enthusiastic and positive entrepreneurs who, just like me, have closed Beyuna in their hearts. Together we will grow this 'family' bigger & bigger.

After being part of the 'Beyuna family' for almost a year, I don't want to miss it for anything. The support from Beyuna and the concept is great and that's why I want to inspire others!! Natural supplements, being fit & vital and also generating a good income in a very fun way; that's what everyone wants right?!