I’m Sandra and together with Mike I take pleasure in running our company. We have both studied and are familiar with the process of building a flourishing career in the business sector. Operating and developing in an international business environment has also brought us considerable success. Our earnings were above average; we were able to take many beautiful trips with our family and enjoyed the freedom. At least this is what we thought until a few years ago. The business network marketing model prompted us to take a different look both at the business sector and our own earnings model as well as at the risks involved. We quickly understood that we could simplify our business and generate an income that would not depend on spending as many hours a week working. Creating a safety net in the form of an old-fashioned reserve isn’t exciting or sexy but was realistic for us.

We have a super enthusiastic team and we cooperate well together. We are visible at events throughout the country, starters meetings, all business days and we learn from each other's qualities and the expertise at the training centers. We are extremely proud because three entrepreneurs from our team have qualified to participate in the upcoming incentive, Beyuna's helicopter experience: Jupiter here we come! Our focus is on expanding our team even further with new entrepreneurs, the foundation of our company’s success. Learning by doing and lead by example.