Testimonial: Sonja

My name is Sonja Serluï. I have a background in automation. 27 years ago I made a career switch. With my husband Mike, I partnered with an American network marketing company that marketed nutritional supplements. Especially the "paying for what you're worth" (I was still young and my older colleagues earned much more than me) and traveling (Where you are you can do business) immediately made me enthusiastic. Through hard work, with ups and downs, but above all perseverance, we have built a huge business with partners all over the world.

In 2014, business partner Paul Gebbink came up with the idea to start his own company: Beyuna. I came up with the name Beyuna myself by the way. Yuna is a Japanese girl name which means powerful. Beyuna stands for 'be powerful'. We really wanted to make a difference with this first Dutch network marketing company. Our goal: achieve a billion turnover worldwide with high-quality, unique products and a well-trained group of people. Now, 8 years later, Beyuna has truly become a multinational. I now have an organization with thousands of customers and distributors all over the world.

Why am I still so passionate about Beyuna? In 2016 my husband passed away unexpectedly from cancer. I was intensely sad and therefore unable to work for several months, while my organization continued to grow. Later I realized how important Beyuna was to me. Residual income, which you build up now and continue even if you can't or don't want to work, allowed me to continue to pay my bills. Simply put, if I didn't have this income, I would probably have to move, because Mike's income was completely gone. Through my story I hope to inspire more people to secure their future with Beyuna in health and finances and not to continue to rely on a pension fund or the government.

How do I see the future? That Beyuna becomes a household name. For example, that I see Beyuna somewhere during one of my vacations in a tropical resort and that I think; "Beyuna has become such a fantastic company. We built it up nicely together."