Testimonial Tjitske

After several visits to orthomolecular therapists, I was so done with it that I started looking for good resources myself. I was very low in energy and very sensitive to radiation. So tired from insomnia that I sometimes saw no way out. Shortly after my unfinished study in public administration at the age of 23, I left for France in my old Mercedes. Suddenly I went from student policy to milking goats and making cheese in self-sufficient communities in France where there was little radiation.

Until last year, when my brother Jelle bought a beautiful Mercedes from Klaas and then one thing led to another. After a blood test and a few presentations I decided to make a purchase, after which my family also made a purchase that immediately made me Jupiter.

My life suddenly took a completely different turn. I got much more energy and I feel like living again and doing many things in one day.

Suddenly I had a mission. I felt that I dared to go back to the Netherlands. No sooner said than done. I have been living in Opende (Groningen) since last year and after a few weeks I was also able to start working at the Ekoplaza in Drachten, where I can now proudly present Beyuna to the customers!

Now at the age of 31, I feel much more powerful and therefore happier. Plus I gained a whole 'family'. For me, Beyuna is a gift in life and it came at the right time. I like to do my part to make Beyuna bigger by making other people happy with good products and by providing a plan B.