Testimonial: Valerie

I am Valerie Verhaeghe, 41 years old, mother of 3, from beautiful Bruges in Belgium. I am an orthomolecular nutrition coach and foot reflexologist. In addition, I work 18 hours as a reception employee within CLB (municipal health service, but only for school-going youth for health care, learning problems and psychological care).

I already had a burnout twice and I have a past with regular periods of depression for no apparent reason and hormonal problems. During my last recovery period in 2018 many things became clear to me when following an orthomolecular nutrition course.

I met Linda in 2021 thanks to a radio show in which I was interviewed and that's how the Beyuna ball started rolling. I took a closer look at the supplements I was then selling to my clients in my practice and soon pushed them aside.

If you want to teach your customers a natural and healthy diet and lifestyle, the supplements should also be 100% natural. I also started using them myself and noticed I recovered faster! In the meantime, it is even true that I recently went back to sports after years. As a child I spent hours in the gym, but later I no longer found the energy. The psychiatrist also reminded me to accept that a part-time job is the maximum I could manage. Nothing is less true!

Even though we are very environmentally conscious within our family, there is still the dream to be able to bring out a bit of passion again with this extra income. The masculine side of me is that I love cars very much, but I also love traveling!

In a year and a half, I have grown to the highest position and we are trying to get Beyuna more on the Belgian map. There is still a lot of work to be done to make people more aware, but I already think: if others can build a great team, then so can I!

I couldn't do without the team anymore and I feel even more love for the Netherlands than I already had. I like that the Dutch don't mince words and are more direct. Top products, top company, top team!