Testimonial Vanessa

Hi, my name is Vanessa Mambi and I’ve been self-employed in the dance and entertainment industry for over 11 years. My creative mind and passion have found their outlet in choreographing, dance teaching and coaching, as well as in training dancers to become big stage performers across Europe.

A few years ago my body began to complain, especially my worn hips, with shoulder injuries and blood circulation problems springing up regularly. I also always had a cold. Living very frugally and focusing on saving on everything I could – that is how I lived my life… After all, my passion could only go so far in paying my bills. My pension savings were zero. I had zero freedom. Working 7 days a week, 16 hours a day, life is still a lot of hard work.

I wanted a change and so, in my fifth year of freelancing, I frantically started looking for an alternative. One, in any case, for my hard-earned savings, since the economy wasn’t doing well and bank interest had plunged. Some time earlier I’d come across a lovely investment project, but my money was just stuck there. To spread my risks, I looked for a second solution, but didn’t find anything that appealed to me for years. That’s when I crossed paths with Beyuna, at just the right moment in my life. I was ready for it. Always keeping an eye out for new opportunities, I came across a Facebook photo of an ex-Salsera (Salsa dancer). She was going on business to…. Curaçao. How cool, I thought! I, too, wanted to do it! Curious about what she was going to do there, I went to the Beyuna Training Centre in Hoofddorp the moment she got back from her trade mission.

Three months on, I have zero regrets about my investment, my input, and the time and energy I’ve put into Beyuna. I’m achieving fantastic results with their products. On top of that, having received full support in network marketing from their best advisors, I now realise how fast I’m developing in an area that’s completely new to me. This feels great!

My number one goal is to make as many people around me as possible excited about investing in their own health and that of their loved ones. A healthy life brings happiness. Helping others gives you enormous satisfaction. My number two goal is to become financially free in every aspect so that I can do whatever I want, wherever I want, and whenever I want, leaving things that don’t interest me aside. This, in turn, will allow me to give more to others because I’ll simply be able to do it. Over the next 5 years I’d like to set up my own organisation within Beyuna with 5-10 business partners, with each independently and successfully running their businesses.

I’m using every opportunity I get to talk about my business. Just someone asking what I do is enough to get me started! I’m investing in Beyuna’s training programmes and events, I’m buying one management book after another, doing courses in marketing, and I’m providing the necessary promotional material… In brief: I’m studying a lot, still working as hard as I did, and I’m getting better rewards from Beyuna, even though I haven’t even started setting up my business full-time.

Yesss!! I can proudly say that I’ve reached the top business position in my first three months’ working with Beyuna. With admittedly some ups and downs, a lot of learning, hard lessons, and a lot of patience along the way, I’ve achieved a great result: one that, to be honest, I didn’t expect. What now, though? …. Well, I’m out the door and on to my next success!