Testimonial: Wendy

My name is Wendy Kartoredjo and I am 50 years old. I have completed a study in classical massage, anatomy and physiology. I have also expanded my skills with shiatsu, foot reflexology, sports massage and connective tissue massage. I am proud to work for more than two decades as a sports carer and independent masseuse and I am affiliated with the Nijmegen Four Days Marches and various recreational and professional football clubs, among others.

I was a sales leader at another network marketing company for nine years. One of the oldest companies in this industry and everyone uses something in their household. I still use my experience from this successful career. At some point, the company ended its activities in The Netherlands. At that moment a client came and she enthusiastically told about her Beyuna company and the 100% natural products.

I told her about my years of physical complaints that I have almost daily. I can still hear myself saying, "if you can help me get rid of these complaints, I will become your regular customer!" After only ten days I felt great and I was sold! My enthusiasm was contagious because, I really told everyone around me about Beyuna's products. This is good stuff!

I became interested in the business opportunities and discovered major differences from my previous experiences. My Beyuna business and passive income are inheritable. As a parent U think this is an important aspect. Building something and being able to leave a legacy for my boys. A fully automated back office, read, never do your own numbers again! And my own unique link, so that I can give my own unique Wendy spin to my company, is also something which I found very interesting.

I started my business with the minimum financial commitment. My plan was to build the company to the maximum discount position and maximum opportunity to earn royalties within a year. I exceeded my own goals, because within six months I achieved all my goals! Yes, a great achievement. I understand that the unconditional support of my partner Winston contributes to this success. He supports me in everything I do and is available 24/7 for me and our children. He is there for me when it comes to business as well as private. He is not really visible in our company yet, because someone has to be with the children. I am grateful and love him so much, because he loves me and believes in me so that I can make our dreams come true with him.

My multi-year plan is to build an engaged and active team and share my opportunity, nationally and internationally. Being invited by Beyuna for incentives every quarter is a great challenge for me. Deep in my heart it will be even better if I can achieve this together with my team. Another goal is to be financially free. For me, this means always being able to pay my bills, giving my children the education of their dreams, buying another nice house. Actually, being able to make other dreams come true in this life with my family.

I come from a tropical country where taking supplements used to be almost unnecessary. Unfortunately, changes in climate and living conditions have contributed to making vitamin supplementation necessary. A mindset that I want to make everyone worldwide aware of. Taking supplements is essential for a healthy life.