Testimonial Yvonne

My name is Yvonne Winter. I have been organizing hippie markets in the place where I live for a number of years and that has become quite a success in the meantime.

Because I sometimes live abroad for a while due to my husband's work, and because of Covid, I was no longer able to organize these markets and Beyuna came along through an acquaintance.

I hadn't heard of it, I occasionally took some vitamins and didn't know how important that is for you. Now I know better and I can therefore show others that these vitamins are indeed the best!

It is great to take on this challenge and start abroad! That's where I started and everything was done online of course. I have been able to develop myself enormously, and especially by working with my colleagues, and have therefore been able to build a nice business.

We now live in the Netherlands again and I have built up a nice team. My mission now is to start building with this team. I have a line abroad and in the Netherlands. Abroad we mainly do meetings online and in the Netherlands I am currently giving presentations in Flevoland, together with other teams from the area.

In addition, I am busy guiding my team in the Netherlands and I also do that with Padelbouw. They have just started and are now helping a talented padel player to the top. Together with them, we therefore intend to draw attention to the products in this fun sport. By holding presentations at padel clubs, we hope that we can also raise awareness among people there.

In the end it is clear to me what makes me very happy and that is making people happy.

If I can do my part by doing my business in this way and thereby inspire and help someone else with a healthier lifestyle and healthier wallet, my mission has succeeded!