Testimonial Bas

From my background as a tennis coach I have been looking for good nutritional supplements since I was 20 years old. I tried all kinds of supplements, but this often turned out to do nothing or the business model was of no interest. Until I came across Beyuna a year ago. I joined up last month and will be working with this business full of enthusiasm for months and years to come.

There have been several reasons for getting on board:

  • A healthy body and mind: Quality of life is an essential part of life for me and I am convinced that Beyuna can provide this.

  • In about 40 years' time I will receive a low monthly pension sum. Beyuna can provide a generous pension.

  • The business and with it the income can be left as an inheritance. I would like to leave my children/loved ones something financial, in addition to words of wisdom.

  • The freedom and managing your own time is very important to me. By starting my own business at Beyuna I can meet this need.

Objectives for 2018:

  • To register a business every month

  • To register at least 10 customers