Testimonial Elles

I am Elles van Paassen, 55 years old, I live in the picturesque Schipluiden. I am the proud mother of two enterprising sons and I am the partner of my dear Maarten. In my spare time you can find me in my large vegetable garden, full of berries, vegetables and flowers.

As a farmer's daughter, I have been taught the joy of entrepreneurship from an early age. I still remember the moment when I started haggling with trembling knees for a guinea pig I bought at the livestock market, with my father by my side. Everything revolved around independence and autonomy and learning to discover, go on adventure and make mistakes. So many elements that I have been given to be an entrepreneur.

In 2009 I started my own practice for psycho and hypnotherapy. Health care and employment as a specialist nurse no longer gave me the freedom I needed. And so my journey as an entrepreneur began. Presenting myself and networking. And successfully built up a successful practice.

Two years ago I started using the products of Beyuna. This made me feel physically and mentally more vital, healthy and I gained more energy and confidence in my ability. This made me dare to dream about my future plans, which I had put on hold. It was the feeling of going from offline to "online". I was so excited and was going to share my story about Beyuna. I decided to start selling the products in my practice. And one thing led to another. My accrued pension from healthcare was also not a big deal.

I started taking Beyuna training courses. I've learned how to build my business. I have opened up to learn and now I give training myself. To become successful I did the inner work in the vegetable garden, while sowing, weeding, harvesting. Line things up, focus, evaluate, set goals, make plans. Because inner work is just as important as carrying out your actions.

I do business based on passion and awareness!

I now have a small team with nice colleagues. My goal is to meet every incentive and this year to find a few more enthusiastic colleagues to join the team. Doing this together is so much more powerful: learning from each other, increasing awareness in order to grow both personally and financially. I'm going for it and I'm looking forward to it!