Testimonial Linda

I am Linda Gruber and together with Fabian and our 2 children Revi and Noax we live in Kapelle. I am a holistic physiotherapist and I have an independent practice in Spijk and Kapelle. The health of my patients is paramount to me and I want to give them the best possible care they deserve. I always try to think out of the box and work as innovatively as possible.

At the age of 18 I became eligible for statins, because of a hereditary burden of cholesterol. Everything in me protested to start taking these statins, yet I lasted for a year. The LDL did drop, but I did get a lot of side effects. Against all doctor's threats, I quit. About 4 years ago I started talking to Laura and she confirmed my feeling. This is how the little plant that Laura had sown began to grow.

In the beginning I mainly referred many patients to Laura. I was completely convinced that these supplements are the best and that it would benefit all my patients. As a true therapist, I was not interested in the business. At one point, Laura said it was really time for me to do the business myself. That's how it happened, last October I went along to the Paul Gebbink Day.

After this day I became so enthusiastic about the entire company, the people and the revenue model, that I started as Jupiter soon after. Suddenly everything fell into place and my business gained momentum. That I've even won an Award came as a complete surprise! So cool to get the appreciation for what is then called work. It doesn't feel that way, like work.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

In a short time I have gathered very nice and beautiful people around me, with whom we have big plans. It's nice to know that I have a plan B, that I can secure my pension with it and we can pass this on to our children.

My thanks to Laura is enormous, without her thoroughness I would never have started! We can switch quickly together and it is always a great adventure when we go out. I am extremely grateful and I consider myself lucky to have the people in my Downline and the collaboration within Laura's team. We are always there for each other, help and support each other where necessary.