Testimonial Lisette

My name is Lisette Timmermans and I am 57 years old. I live in Delft and I practice as a naturopath 350 steps away from my house, for over 20 years now.

In July Elles approached me about the Beyuna products. In the beginning I was quite reserved, but once I got acquainted with the products I became very enthusiastic and got on board.

As a naturopath I want to work as naturally as possible, in addition to the iridology and colon hydrotherapy in my practice, until recently I only used herbs and nutrition to balance people. With the Beyuna supplements I have found a line of high-quality products with natural ingredients. Because of the composition, the Beyuna supplements have become concentrated nutrition.

Entrepreneurship was born to me. My father was a gardener and at that time he brought his flowers to the auction and then, as they say, auctioned against the clock. That could mean the one day that he had a great day because his flowers were selling well or that it was a bad day because the flowers were worthless. When I started my own business, I thought, that is clear, every hour that I work gives an invoice. How beautiful is that?

Now with the lockdown it is not much more of an hourly invoice… From October I joined the Academy because, in addition to product sales, I also want to build a team to distribute the products as much as possible. My goal is to at least meet my incentives every time. Another part of my motivation to build a team is to create time and money freedom so that I can spend more time on Texel.

Beyuna brings my dreams closer and in a very natural way!